The economic impact of the Apollo programme in the USA went beyond the Moon landing. A new generation of visionaries emerged, resulting in fuelling up of Silicon Valley with talent as the Apollo programme was discontinued. 


SuperCharger’s Mission is to find, train and scale the next generation of change-makers by accelerating the pace of change of business and developing human capital.


Based on our relentless passion combined with the ecosystem, we have built the continuous use of technology, which gives us an unfair advantage that allows our company, start-ups and clients to reach escape velocity and experience exponential impact. This makes us unique and we call it our SuperCharging Factor. 


Early Stage Start-ups that have deployed, or are very near to launching, at least one product or service. SuperCharger will help these businesses raise seed capital, potentially launch their product, and quickly identify and close business deals for companies looking to sell or partner.


Scale Up Companies that typically have more than one office, larger teams and more recurring annual revenue. These businesses might be testing a new market or aggressively looking to take up more market share in Asia.

簡單創提供創業路上的辦公室出租、商標登記、公司註冊、官網建置服務。 創業第一站-簡單創

The SuperCharger Difference

ONLY FINTECH | Our team, accelerator, and network are focused entirely on this industry and all of its enablers.

NO EQUITY | We take no equity in any of the participating start-ups.

START-UP 4 START-UP | SuperCharger is a start-up that represents and helps other start-ups.

CORPORATE ACCESS | SuperCharger gives FinTech start-ups access to across all institutions we work with.

PILOTS & PRICING | Co-creation between corporates & start-ups is hard, but we can help start that journey.

REGULATIONS | Our team actively engages regulators & legal experts to navigate compliance & risk.

UNBIASED | We earn win-win results thanks to our 3rd party position as neither investor, corporate, nor realtor.

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